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Performance Private Yoga Sessions

Multiple session packages are available.

$45 30 min
$75 60 min
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Erin Chlumsky Roy - Yoga Teacher in Boulder


Personal Best Bodywork offers an interdisciplinary approach to yoga. Whether you are an athlete, have back pain or injury, or just want to delve into your yoga practice, Personal Best has the experience you're looking for.

Yoga is very much about the whole person. We take a holistic approach by taking into consideration that pain may also be related to an emotional component, lifestyle, or physical movement patterns. Moving through yoga postures with breath is powerful for training the body to maintain a posture without restlessness while training the mind to stay present with the breath. Emphasis is placed on aligning the body for the stretch with focus on the breath, and focus on intention. When attention is given to intention and the strong breath, it builds an internal power and focus that crosses over to everything you do.

Techniques used to address your whole person include pranayama breathing, asanas (postures), and meditation. Classes are taught in private, duets or small three person group sessions, addressing specific health issues and modifying poses accordingly. Patients will leave with a better understanding of how their body should move in each pose and in activities of daily living. Private patient sessions may receive (if desired) specific instructions on a custom vinyasa for home practice and will change based on one's progression.

Stretch, functional movement, and bio-mechanical alignment are now being picked up by many teams and athletes because they know it makes injury rates go down. We believe that yoga is an essential element to your wellness program. More reasons why:
• Increased pliability, core strength and balance
• Reduced risk of injury
• Strengthens weak and injured muscles
• Balances imbalance
• Aligns body to it’s optimal blueprint getting more power and creating a body that can execute desired technique without limitation
• Breathing techniques that facilitate mental focus, quicker reaction time, increased proprioception, better motor skills, coordinated movement, improved balance, integration of sensory systems
• Promotes relaxation and well-being
• Prevents unnecessary surgery or medication
• Quicker recovery

YOGA @ Personal Best IS GREAT FOR:
• New and beginner students
• Experienced yoga students interested in expanding their practices
• Exercise re-entry
• Injury recovery
• Cross training for runners
• Cross training for athletes
• Pre and post-natal
• Stress management
• Sleep health
• Meditation
• Restorative practice (post “long run” or race etc.)
• Race prep practice
• Movement restoration and maintenance
• Pre and post travel

• Lower and upper back pain
• Sciatica
• Shoulder, neck, and hip pain
• Asthma
• Plantar fasciitis
• Piriformis syndrome
• Thoracic outlet syndrome
• and much more...

For an ultimate restoration and relaxation experience try our yoga and massage combo!

Private Yoga classes are taught by Erin Chlumsky Roy, E-RYT.

Runner's Yoga

Multiple session packages are available.
 Online scheduling
Erin Chlumsky Roy - Yoga Teacher in Boulder


Runner's Yoga is geared towards those athletes who spend their time pounding the pavement and dirt, cycling through all of Colorado’s beautiful back roads and trails, or for those who partake in some other awesome activity that Colorado has to offer us!

You have a sport-specific tightness and the goal of this yoga practice isn’t to eliminate it but to keep it in balance so we can stay injury-free and fluid. The goal is NOT to be the most flexible person in the room, it’s to find the right alignment in your own body! Beyond that, this class gives you tools to remain calm, focused, and purposeful no matter what!

Erin Chlumsky Roy - Yoga Teacher in Boulder
Current classes are in Boulder on FRIDAYS from 8:45-9:45AM at Runners Roost Boulder (629 South Broadway, Suite E Boulder, CO 80305 ). Only $10 and FREE coffee and bagels after class! Come check out one of our classes or take a private lesson!

Erin Chlumsky Roy, E-RYT
Stacey Geagan Wagner, RYT
Courtney Love, RYT
Marina Prein, RYT
Jennifer Phillips, RYT
Kym Hansler, RYT
Corinne Bernardo, RYT

Corporate Yoga


All of Personal-Best's instructors are qualified, fully certified, carry liability insurance and are trained in Emergency First Aid and CPR. Our yoga classes are designed to fit the needs of the individuals in each group. Most of our classes are all-levels and are suitable for almost anyone, even beginners. We recommend practicing yoga at least twice a week, but even once a week will have noticeable results.


For Businesses:

Increased productivity
Decreased health care premiums
Reduced staff turnover
Reduced employee absenteeism
Higher job satisfaction amongst employees
More respect for senior management of companies
More attractive to potential employees seeking employment with your company

For Employees:

Reduced stress, anxiety & depression
Increased energy and decreased fatigue
Improved memory, focus and concentration
Stronger muscles and increased flexibility
Improved posture
Improved overall health and reduced risk for diseases, including cancer


A quiet, comfortable space large enough to use (boardroom, lunchroom, spare office, A/V room, gymnasium, etc.). Each person will need a yoga mat, comfortable clothing and a water bottle.

CLASS RATES (include set-up and clean-up time)

30 minutes - $55
60 minutes - $75
75 minutes - $90
90 minutes - $105


Erin Chlumsky Roy, LMT, E-RYT
Corinne Bernardo, RYT